Customers are ever-ready venturing into new areas , exploring the new fabrics materials, of which giving some special performance , it plays an important role in the hygiene and comfortable of a clothes.
Comparing with traditional fabrics, this special mineral textiles, it give much dryer than the other traditional fabrics, thus, it is Easy To dry

This special mineral fabrics, such as Nanomineral Textile, it gives, functions like

-moisture-absorbing & perspiration, Easy To Dry (insulated cool, breathable & Dry )
-Tech UV Block
-Heat-reflective function IR Reflection
-photocatalytic and anti-bacterial deodorant
-negative Ions & deodorant

The application of such performance mineral textiles, socks/footwears, bedlinens bedsheets,pillows cases, blankets,tee shirts, shorts, and towellings

Pictures showing various fabrics in developments: