Quality Assurance
1. Product Inspections
2. Product Testing

1. Product Inspections Stages:

    a. Pre-shipment Inspections: To guarantee the conformity of product specifications
    b. Product Monitoring: Constantly overseeing the factory daily reports on quality and production status
    c. During Production Check: Control and recommendation for production process and capacity
    d. Initial Production Check: Material checks on the order, prior to production

2. Inspection Areas
Our inspectors and auditors will ensure the products meet all performance standards of our clients.
The areas checking are listed as follows:

    a. Broken Needle Checks
    b. Performance Testing
    c. Fabrics Weight Testing
    d. Measurement Checks
    e. Care Labelling
    f. Textile Colour Shading

3. Soft-line Lab Testings
In this area, we will conduct the lab testing, to ensure our productions meet the consumer safety standards and also of clients’ standard requirements. The laboratory testing, based on various performing standards i.e. Eco-textile certification, GB 18401 testing, performing testing, care label instructions, flammability testing etc.