Established in 1988, we, Etamgroups, starting from Etam Merchandising Pte Ltd , with sole office in Singapore, we have grown across years , to become one of the pioneer sourcing agency in Textiles & Garments industries, Across these 35years, we are now having business partners all over the world, be it in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myammar, India, China and Egypt.

We are handling orders, for our customers & clients from United States and Europe countries, especially United Kingdom and Germany.
Our sourcing items, covering all the main categories of, mens, ladies and children , which are both Knits and woven sectors and also sweaters knits and denim jeans items

Our manufacturing factories are wide base, and their operations are from Medium scale to very huge scales factories, where , they are also fabrics productions owners. Their fabrics mills are producing both woven and knitted materials , of which from weaving, knitting to dyeing and finishing, as these mills are big scales and vast varieties, we are able to supply many types of Items, to our clients and it serves as ONE –STOP solution and reliable deliveries to our valuable customers

The mills are sophisticated and there is a lot of R&D works being carried out , thus, the up-trend items, like eco-friendly, special performance fabrics, sportswears , are the common items, which producing in many countries like, Egypt, Vietnam , Cambodia or even in Bangladesh, where , these types of special performance fabrics, items are being produced.

Our Thailand factory is also having good capacity for garments productions, and with good quality and reliable shipments and very competitive prices. So is our Laos factory , the items are fairly simpler but their quality is of well controlled

Our recent ventures are , sourcing of stocks garments and accessories,/toweling , across the regions , nowadays, stockslots are good turnover and fast moving, the changing trends is , clients are now also open for stocks buying, and our stocks , are many from Bangladesh, Indonesia, China , Cambodia, ,Thailand/Laos, …etc

No doubt, this stockslots business is different area from fresh goods productions, but in accordance to our customers growing demands, we foresee, this stocks markets will be a vibrant growing sector

In short, our philosophy is, our Customers satisfactions and providing best service in all time. Be it our sourcing for fresh goods productions or stocks lots offering, we are always, with aim , to continue improving our service and strike for the best, we hope, our customers and us, are steadily growing in years to come.